Looking for a great exhibit that will :

  • Engage Your Visitors
  • Make Lasting Memories
  • Drive Traffic
  • and Produce Revenue?

Then look at adding our Hands-On Green Screen Exhibit to your lineup.   It is easy to setup and implement at your location.  The exhibit is powered by any visitor with an iPhone or iPod touch.  They download our GreenScreen Movie Effects app which is sponsored by you.  Then they can make movies right on the spot and share with family and friends!

Engage your Visitors

This exhibit shows the user how they can make movies just like they do in Hollywood.

They can adjust the colors and change backgrounds to magically appear in Egypt, Europe or anywhere!

Lasting Memories

Because they are recording on their own device, they can take the memory home and share with friends and family.

Your Logo stays on their device, reminding them of the fun they had!

Drive Traffic

Because the software is live on the iTunes store anyone can download it. The sponsorship page uses Geo-Targeting, so the user will know that they can visit your location to try the exhibit out. Wala! It drives traffic to your location.

Produce Revenues

The Software allows us to replace the green background with one that the user may purchase for 99 cents. Each time a download is purchased, we make a donation to your account in the amount of 25% and send your earnings quarterly.

iPhone App • Gallon of Paint • 5 ft Sign
Wall Plaque • Instruction Manual
  iPhone App • Gallon of Paint • Wall Plaque
Floor Markers • 5 ft Sign • Instruction Manual
Background Track Lighting • Foreground Track Lighting
For special lighting or setup crews please give us a call for pricing.